July 2020 Newsletter

Peeling Away What No Longer Belongs …

I’m reminded lately of the ancient curse, “May you live in interesting times.”

2020 sure has been “interesting,” hasn’t it?

The trifecta no one wanted has arrived, standing squarely before us:

• Stark awareness about the depth and breadth of our cultural and personal racism — happening everywhere around and within us — painful and deeply disturbing to witness.

• The global pandemic, with all the stress, uncertainty, anxiety and death it can bring.

• And before that, the #MeToo movement that focused on the millions of ways women have been put down, abused and exploited.

The validity, the reality, the nastiness of all of these issues is undeniable.

Some of it we may feel very personally — like baring parts of ourselves we’d rather not deal with.

The implications are huge. Life changing. A paradigm shift on so many levels.

At the same time, I hope you can also see this interesting state we’re in as the invitation it is …

An invitation to step onto your soul’s path. And to move forward in a new way.

Yes, we each have to be willing to look at our *stuff* — culturally and personally.

All those things that have gone unnoticed, slipping right by us.

Because we, as a human collective, are being asked to be in integrity.

To get real with it. With ALL of it. And to go to a deeper level than we’ve ever been before.

I know it’s counterintuitive, but even with so much pain all around us …

There’s never been a better time to manifest from the core of your being.


Because we are stripped bare. The field is wide open.

All our old structures and beliefs are peeled away …

Leaving us with the gift of our fertile consciousness — our inner essence — underneath.

All our previous notions of what’s possible, and what’s not possible, are out the door.

And at our core we’re left with pure spirit, embodied with an impetus to grow and expand with integrity, connection and love.

Please take advantage of this special time.

Give yourself permission to look at and accept the parts of you you’ve ignored or denied.

It is only by healing from the core of our being outward that we create a new human consciousness. And a new reality …



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Suzanne Scurlock