July 2019 Newsletter

The Creative Fire of Manifestation

Last week I flew home from teaching in London and the Netherlands, and I settled in for the Summer here in Virginia.

In Chinese medicine, Summer represents the element of Fire. It’s a time of welcoming and riding the energy of Fire — of creation.

That’s why, even though I haven’t been home in July in more than a decade, I intentionally set this plan in place.

I knew I would need the time and energy and spaciousness to dive into my creative process.

To manifest something big and new, I have to allow myself to slow down. To simmer in the juices of what’s bubbling up from deep within me.

What is emerging is surprising — and at the same time it feels so natural and easy.

Because it’s about my soul harmonizing within all the cells of my body — this temple we’ve each been blessed with for housing the driving force of who we uniquely are.

The soul is the symphony conductor that directs us to play the beautiful music of our lives.

And as I drop more deeply into each cell of who I am, more is added to this symphony — more instruments, more musical range, more nuance in the notes being played.

With each day as this Soul Embodiment™ process deepens, I’m delighted by what’s showing up.

I’m refining my life work to take you even further into who you are.

At the same time I’m supporting my community in even more exciting ways.

What about you? What are you manifesting with your Creative Fire?

Whatever it is, I hope you give yourself the time and energy and spaciousness you deserve to create to your heart’s desire.


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Suzanne Scurlock