October 2019 Newsletter

The Art of Slowing Down in an Accelerated World

As we sail into October… with the school year here in full swing, schedules, responsibilities, paperwork, appointments… it feels as if life has accelerated in a way.

Someone close to me recently said, “I can barely keep my head above water now… what is going to happen when the holiday season hits?”

And it is fast approaching…

How do we manage it all?

And how can we respond to what is happening inside ourselves once it gets started?

Whether we are talking about how to weed through our emails, texts, and voice mails… or how to handle the endless demands of our jobs and our lives as we make our way through each day.

What I’ve noticed is that younger and younger people are coming into my classes with anxiety and an underlying sense of… well, overwhelm and dread.

Feeling that there is too much on their plates to handle well or handle at all, honestly. And they are not alone.

What happens is it starts showing up in our bodies… as we are beset with stomach tightness or ulcers, headaches, visual disturbances, or hormonal imbalances that lead to further health issues, and more.

Not to speak of the mental cloudiness that comes from overwhelm or exhaustion… and how it really puts a damper on our creative abilities.

So what can we do to restore healing?

In my recent month long workshop, “Presence and Leadership” at Esalen Institute, I got to teach and then witness the results of an incredible group of participants, from ages 22 to 65…

As they learned how to slow down… drop inside… ground and fill their inner energy reservoir, and then tune into the inner wisdom of their body for directions…

It was remarkable how clear and empowered everyone became over the course of a month with these practices becoming habits.

Right now, I invite you to take a moment and slow down.

Wherever you are (unless you are driving) close your eyes and consider:

What would it feel like to have a friendly relationship with your body?

Where would things relax inside if you were operating from this frame of mind?

Take some easy, deep breaths through your nose, and exhale slowly.

Allow your attention to return to the present moment by simply following the sensations of breathing and slowing down.

What do you notice when you have taken a dozen breaths in this manner?

Most of the time what we fear from the past or the future is not nearly as anxiety provoking when we are firmly planted in the present moment.

Notice how your thinking starts to clear and your body settles.

The unlimited reservoir of life-giving energy that surrounds you now is always here for you…

I invite you to tap into it at any time… and especially when hectic times hit… so you can slow down, stay creative and effective, and enjoy!


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Suzanne Scurlock