July 2018 Newsletter

The Top 5 Discoveries
From my World Wide Presence Tour

My plane just touched down after more than a month of whirlwind travel.

From the glorious energy of China to the music and color of Australia, I got to practice meeting each exotic moment with my Presence.

Along the way I discovered 5 unfailing truths I invite you to try on:

1. Trust that life goes much better when you don’t decide ahead of time whether you’re going to like something or not.

It didn’t matter whether I was choosing what new foods to eat. Which airline to fly. Or simply the schedule of the day.

Tian Tan Buddha,
Hong Kong

My experiences went so much smoother when I trusted the unfolding process.

Yes, I asked for what I needed. I wasn’t gritting my teeth and bearing anything.

Yet I was also offered many magical experiences I would never have encountered otherwise.

There were countless exquisite experiences like this.

And they all came because I was willing to let go and trust.

2. Feel what you’re feeling. And walk with it.

When I let myself feel my way through each experience — noticing the sensations in each present moment — they guided me without fail.

Sure, I still had all my props and lesson plans.

But within that structure, when I just let go, it all flowed.

Elephant Mountain
Guilin, China

In that moment I had no idea what was coming. So I relaxed into it.

And along came a kaleidoscope of such laughter and joy.

I couldn’t have scripted it if I tried.

3. Integrate all of it. Don’t push anything away.

For me that meant embracing the humid heat of Hong Kong.

And the fact that after climbing up a steep hill, I arrived at a pub bathed in sweat.

Just go to the bathroom and dab your face, I thought.

Then introduce yourself to your friend’s best friend. And enjoy something new.

Which is exactly what I did.

And this kind of integration didn’t happen just once.

View of Hong Kong
from Victoria Peak,
Summer 2017

It happened over and over again.

Caught in the rain? Open your umbrella (or not) and enjoy it!

4. Expand your perceptual lens on everything — all of it.

As I look back on every adventure, I see that when I widened my view, life opened up in front of me.

I’ll give you an example.

Last year in Sydney, the hike up the hill from my residence to the hotel with a suitcase full of teaching materials was easy.


Because I had someone with me who generously toted my suitcase for me.

But this year it was all mine to do.

I’ll admit it. The first morning I cursed the weight of my suitcase.

I huffed and puffed, judging myself for not traveling lighter.

But by day two?

I grabbed that handle.

I set a pace that worked for me.

And I got to start my day by breathing in the exquisite cool air of Sydney.

I had widened my perceptual lens to see that everything was just as it should be.

Sydney Opera House
during Sydney Vivid
June, 2018

And the only thing that ever made it challenging was my own resistance.

5. Make choosing what brings you joy moment to moment your mantra.

If someone offered me something, I gratefully accepted it.

If a recommendation was made that held joy for me, I jumped on it.

Along the way I got to teach three fabulous courses full of wonderful human beings.

That’s why I say choose what brings you joy.

Not every moment will be a rose garden.

The Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s Choir

But I promise you this …

The number of moments containing joy will expand exponentially.


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Suzanne Scurlock-Durana