August 2018 Newsletter

Going Ever Deeper

As my time here at Esalen winds down, I’m breathing in the exquisite beauty all around me. And enjoying the morning fog as it rolls in.

Talk about magical!

As I do, I’m reflecting on a month of teaching “Presence and Leadership” to a fabulous group of 16 work scholars.

It’s been a marvelous challenge to translate my foundational work into a curriculum that strengthens each individual’s ability to guide others with less effort.

How do they do that?

Morning fog
at Esalen

By leading with their presence rather than their personality.

This is a skill I’ve taught for many years at Esalen.

Yet I’m reminded once again that the principles that make our lives work best are timeless.

Since publishing Reclaiming Your Body, I’ve mined the wisdom that the body, mind and spirit offer us.

That said, it’s the elegance of the body that continues to inspire and amaze me.

Consider these three simple truths:

  • Through the Heart we open the door to our most powerful inspirations.
  • Through the Bones we enter the deepest wisdom chambers of the body.
  • And through the Legs and Feet we walk our talk — and bring our dreams into reality.

Working correctly with these three aspects alone can give you a profound sense of mastery over your life.

Yet every year — just when I start to think I’ve gotten all I can get from my understanding of the body’s wisdom — even more is revealed.

And I’m surprised and delighted all over again.


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Suzanne Scurlock-Durana