July 2017 Newsletter

Staying Steady Through the Storm

Has anyone ever told you everything always works out for the best?

Maybe you even believe that yourself.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret …

I don’t. Or at least not the way most people mean it.

Frankly, stuff happens. And a lot of time it’s beyond our control.

Woman pulls pack page and reveals sunset.

Whether we find the good in it depends on our ability to stay present and conscious with the process as we’re moving through it.

When we’re hyper-focused on seeing circumstances the way we expect to see them (or even the way we hope to see them), we can miss the gold right in front of our eyes.

I’ll give you an example.

A little over a month ago, I had so many unknowns in my life, I felt as though I was working overtime to become a master juggler.

There was the unknown about the Esalen Institute and its plight in re-opening after landslides made the roads impassable.

Would my 3 classes scheduled there this summer go on as usual? Or would I be left scrambling to provide for my students?

There was the unknown of how my new book launch would go, and how the world would receive my new “baby.” Just a little stress there, right?

Then there were all my personal gyrations going on, like family members in big life transitions. And friends and clients struggling for equilibrium after upheavals of their own.

And to top it all off? This was all happening while I was in London attending a conference not long after a series of terrorist attacks rocked the city.

Years ago, when even one of these kinds of things happened, I’d get anxious, hyper-focused and feeling overwhelmed by it all. And I’d often miss the silver linings.

Today that has all changed.

Now my go-to practice is to ground deeper. And to remember to trust that the Universe has a path for me through all of the unknown.

My job is to remain steady. To keep my eyes peeled. And to stay open to what’s about to unfold.

That’s the space I’ve been in these last 30 days. And as a result, I never could have imagined all the good that’s come of it.

Did Esalen have to cancel my workshops? Sadly, yes.

But then I learned about a brand new retreat center in the giant redwoods outside of Santa Cruz, California. Called 1440 Multiversity, it’s in the distinguished lineage of the great Kripalu Center.

Normally, retreat centers of that caliber are booked at least a year in advance. I never would have even bothered looking there.

But as luck would have it, 1440 just opened in May. So they had room to book not one, but two of my three Esalen workshops.

Then there’s the recent release of my new book, Reclaiming Your Body.

WOW. Thanks to your help, it ranked as the #1 New Release in Amazon’s PTSD category for nearly 4 weeks!

I am humbled, honored and awed by all the support I’ve gotten from you and the Universe.

Even with all the upheaval around me, I was able to see it — and receive it — because I stayed calm. And I kept my eyes open.

You see, everything does work out for the best …

For those who choose to look for it.

So let’s keep breathing. And continue looking for the good in everything together.

Warm hugs,

Suzanne Scurlock-Durana's Signature