July 2015 Newsletter

The Heart of Summer

Summertime is all about the element of fire: heat, sun, and action. When we connect with the rhythm of this season it naturally leads us into more action.

This season is about:

… consciously practicing, stretching beyond your known limitations.

… purposefully stepping up and stepping out, into the areas of your life where you feel most inspired.

…expansion, so taking action is easier now than in the dead of winter.

…letting your actions — your doing — become your teacher.

This season says to us, “YOLO (You Only Live Once!) – take an action – jump into the game – and start to learn from life itself.” No planning required. Learn as you go. So for those of us who are perfectionists -– must-have-every-detail–planned-out kinds of people — this season offers a chance to grow beyond our limitations.

So take a risk, ride the energy of summer and take action in your life in new and groundbreaking ways.

At HFC, opportunities abound right now to learn new skills and take new classes. Summer at The Esalen Institute is in full swing and I am in Big Sur from July 19th – August 31st – so come join me in something new and exciting there.

And, enjoy!

Suzanne Scurlock-Durana's Signature