January 2018 Newsletter

Get a Taste of Your Full Body Presence

Imagine how secure you would feel …

To wake up every morning knowing you’re deeply held by the earth the moment your feet touch the floor.

To sense intuitively how to move through each day filled with peaceful confidence.

To embody the deep well of your heart as you fill the container of your being with nurturing, nourishing energy.

To activate your ideal vision of the world — knowing you have the creative capacity to realize it.

This is a gift I’d like to share with you in an experiential journey you’ll find in the video at the top of this page.

Come get a taste of the freedom, trust and creativity that emerge naturally when you’re living in a state of Full Body Presence.

You’ll discover what it really means to live in harmony with time and space …

Where you’re released from past troubles and future worries, fully present in that sacred place where all potential exists.

Then you’ll get the key to accessing this Full Body Presence every day. With every choice you make.


Suzanne Scurlock-Durana's Signature