January 2016 Newsletter

Dive In and Go For It!

The New Year is the perfect time to slow down and assess where you are in your life, and what you ultimately are dreaming of at a Soul level. I am a “dive in and just go for it” kind of person, so when I come to this point each year, I love this opportunity. I appreciate having a reason to slow down for a bit and make sure I am swimming in the river I truly want to be in – as in – does this fit for me now in my life? From there I can tune into what brings me the most joy and set my goals from that.

The things that bring us deep joy also shift and change as we move through the decades of life. You cannot accomplish something in your twenties and expect that same goal to fulfill you at 60 years of age. As we mature, our needs and wants change. What brings us joy shifts as life moves on.

My creativity ignites and re-ignites each year at this time. Join me if you dare! If you want support for change in your life while sitting in the comfort of your own living room or office, here is the link to the download of my two CD set, Release and Renewal. My friend, Jesse Kalu, plays beautiful flute music for the journaling sections of this step by step process. Plus I want to offer it to you for a fraction of the normal price so that you can get started today. Special offer on the MP3 download available for a limited time!

If you love the western skies of Sedona, and you have taken my entry level Grounding and Healthy Boundaries course, come be a part of this in-person circle of kindred spirits.

As we listen to our internal landscape and hike the gorgeous external landscape, clarity arrives to show us the way for the coming year, so join me there!

Wishing you love, warmth and abundance in the new year!
Suzanne Scurlock-Durana's Signature