January 2019 Newsletter

Crystallizing Your New Year Intentions

I love this special time of year …

It’s like a portal that allows us to shed the past — and step into the fresh energy of the PRESENT to empower a more beautiful future.

After many years of leading others through this magical process, I discovered 7 questions that create a framework of crystal-clear intentions.

And when you have this kind of clarity going into the New Year?

You become unstoppable.

Snowflake ice crystal up close in the light

So journal your responses to these proven queries.

And get ready for a transformation.

1. What did you contribute to, accomplish or create this past year that you’re most proud of?

2. What did you put time and energy into that’s most closely aligned with your Soul’s journey?

3. What is no longer serving you? What are the habits, relationships, structures, limiting beliefs or anything else in the way of walking your Soul’s path more fully?

4. Who do you need to forgive — and what do you need to let go of — to be free to shine your Soul’s light even more brightly?

5. How can you respond to your setbacks and losses from this year so you can use them to fuel your vision for next year?

6. What can you commit to in the coming year that will most support your Soul’s journey – what you came here to do?

7. What is the most powerful intention you can set for 2019 that not only feeds your Soul, but also touches the needs of the world right now?

Here’s to an exquisite New Year!


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Suzanne Scurlock