February 2017 Newsletter

Feel the (Full Breadth of) Love

February has culturally been dedicated to “feeling the love” – Valentine’s Day being the centerpiece.

The problem is, that’s only one kind of love. Its expression generally involves romance and spending money.

sunset in heart hands

But that’s just a sliver of all the miraculous kinds of love available to us.

And how we take in love and nurturing is very important …

Because love is the stuff that catalyzes our cells to heal and grow.

That’s why I vote for widening the scope of Valentine’s Day to include the entire month … and all the love we celebrate.

For instance, at dinner the other night, my daughter and I sat side by side in a booth with our arms intertwined.

As I rubbed her neck, the tension of the week rolled off her shoulders. And the tender touch of our intertwined arms fed my soul.

As I write this, I’m also remembering a friend who recently spent time rubbing his dog’s ears. His dog was nestled in his lap licking him in return.

The nurturing, healing touch of that interchange was palpable. And I was only watching it unfold!

The gentle kind of bodywork I practice and teach also involves the nurturing quality we all need as human beings.

It brings a feeling of safety and relaxation that stimulates the immune system — and thus the healing process.

This is particularly important in these times of such uncertainty and fear.

So I say, enjoy your February. Let it remind you of the many, many ways we can love and nurture each other.

It’s a vital counterbalance to everything else that’s occurring around us.

There’s nothing wrong with romantic love. Just don’t limit your repertoire.

Have fun!

And, Enjoy…

Suzanne Scurlock-Durana's Signature