February 2016 Newsletter

The Deep Rest of Winter

The new year has passed with all of its resolutions, decisions and planning for the new year. Now is the time to let them all gestate inside – gathering energy for the coming spring. When we take this rest and renewal time, it benefits everyone. Mother Nature is hibernating, why not us? I realize we cannot actually sleep the deep winter away, but what can we do to honor our body-mind-spirit at this time of year? My favorite it to make a fire and snuggle in with a good book, movie, friends or your favorite animals to cuddle with. Make sure you are sleeping enough – recent research has once again pointed out the huge value good sleep brings to our health and well being. If you are in a cold climate, eat and drink warm things – soups, stews, hot apple cider.

Equally important to each one us, is the capacity to drop inside and rest within ourselves in the quiet of winter. Again, my favorite is to do my ground and fill meditation which quickly and easily guides me through my internal landscape, renewing me as it guides to me ask, “What would nurture and nourish me most in this moment?” My gift to all my news letter readers this month is a 5 minute ground and fill designed for this time of year.

5-Minute Winter Ground and Fill

Use the button to stream the meditation in a new window, or Right-Click and choose “Save As” to download the MP3.

And, enjoy!
Suzanne Scurlock-Durana's Signature