February 2020 Newsletter

Deep Winter

In the olden days when it got really cold – like it is now in the DC area – people stayed home and made soups and slept more and rested up so their reserves were being replenished.

The pace of life was slower. We used the time to reconnect more deeply to those closest to us. Root vegetables and broth soups and dark breads were what we ate for lunch or dinner or both. Warm drinks abounded.

And, when spring arrived with the rising energy of that season, we were ready to rise with it – to create, organize, and step out in our worlds to manifest our gifts.

Cozy scene of a woman's legs up by the fire with a read heart mug

And while we are on the family lineage I am so grateful for my sister Debbie and her family as well as my healthy 90 year old mother shining their love light on everything I do. Your love means the world to me.

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

So why do I see so much overwhelm and exhaustion all around me in the world?

When I asked my staff what they would like me to address in this month’s newsletter, they all spoke about having too much on their plates, feeling drained and honestly, a bit overwhelmed.

I have to admit I have touched that place too in the last month with all that is on my plate. Not to the degree I see around me, but there is simply a lot going on for many people.

So… if the winter is that time when our body is telling us to hunker down by the fire and to sleep more… refilling our reserves…

What happens when our lives and our culture have no quality built-in time for rest and rejuvenation? When our work is too much and our sleep is too little for health and well-being?

Maybe you can relate on some level?

What happens when we don’t stop to rest now in the winter… and our energy reserves stay low to empty as we approach spring time?

The overdrive of adrenaline can still “get the job done.” But at what price?

Not only are we headed straight for exhaustion…

But when the natural surge of energy in March arrives with the incoming of Spring – we have no reserves to launch from.

So what are we to do? The good news is that the rest and digest and heal parasympathetic system is there to naturally help us regain our footing and refill our energy reservoirs.

The key is to choose it. And to know (and expect) that even though we may get resistance from the world around us when we do that… the choice is still ours to have our own back.

Choose connection rather than perfection – connection to yourself and your own health rather than perfection and what things look like from the outside.

For each one of this looks different – we all have unique systems and things that deeply feed us.

Are you listening for what those choices are in your life, and then following through with them?

If you do, when spring arrives with that surge of energy that catalyzes us into action out of our winter slumber, we will be ready and step into what is ours to do and to enjoy!


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Suzanne Scurlock