February 2019 Newsletter

Finding the Warmth Inside

Here in Virginia we’re deep in winter temperatures well below freezing.

When the chill winds blow and you find yourself slowing down, you may also bump into internal issues — niggling little rumblings you can ignore at other times of the year when warm weather calls you outside to play.

When we’re outer-directed, it’s easier to look past them.

We feel productive. More on the ball.

That forward momentum is our friend.

cat relaxing beside fireplace

But how then do we handle our lives when we reach this frozen, slower period?

After decades of internal and external temperature shifts like these, here are 3 helpful tips — and the antidote that can change everything:

Tip 1: Be kind to yourself.

Give yourself permission to slow down into this natural inward rhythm.

And avoid judging yourself for “not doing enough.”

Tip 2: Come off the autopilot mode you may go into at other times of the year. Instead, sink in and notice what truly nourishes you.

This is an opportunity to nurture yourself deeply.

That way, come spring, you’ll be ready to emerge into the sunlight with your energy-reservoir full.

Tip 3: Challenge the Inner Critic when it discredits all the progress you actually have made up to now.

That voice comes down through neural circuitry that’s ancient and outdated.

It delivers those highly charged thoughts and feelings because it sees everything in an “all or nothing” framework that’s not real.

Or at least it’s not accurate most of the time.

Now if you’ve tried these 3 tips and you’re ready to short-circuit the whole process and connect with your true self?

Here’s the antidote: Wherever you are, drop your attention deep into your bones.

Go right on by your thoughts, the emotional waves, those old patterns.

And allow yourself to simply feel the solidity of your bones.

They represent your innermost recesses — and your sturdiest form of connective tissue.

Take time to feel the first-order sensations here: the color, texture, density, pulsing, quiet, humming or stillness.

Then allow yourself to gently settle in with those sensations.

It is in this sacred part of ourselves that we can hear the kind inner voice. The one that is a clear signal-giver.

This is your guide for staying the course on what feeds and grows your Soul.

So take a moment right now and breathe in and out through your nose, slowly and deeply.

As you do this, rest inside your inner sanctum. Allow yourself as much time as you can in this sacred place.

The one who’s willing to guide us to clarity … when we’re willing to listen.

The wisdom of your bones is the voice of a warm friend within.


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Suzanne Scurlock