Erica Eickhoff, LMP (Seattle, WA)

Erica Eickhoff
Double DHFC HFC Master Practitioner Emblems

Erica’s mission is to empower you to be your most joyful and vibrant self. Healing soul wounds, renegotiating trauma and reclaiming ALL of who you are. Purposefully transforming every aspect of your life to fully embody ALL your potential. You may choose to attend to physical and health issues, emotional challenges, mental blocks, spiritual questions, perceptions about life, dreams you’d like to interpret, karmic and past-life lessons, discovering your life purpose, or anything at all that would make you and your life feel more integrated, whole and empowered.

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She implements Healing From the Core® principles in all her private and group sessions. Her practice combines BioEmotional Transformation, Somatic Experiencing- Trauma Healing, Transformation Coaching, Integral Hypnotherapy, Medical Support Hypnotherapy, Past-Life Regression, Shamanic Healing, and CranioSacral Therapy. With over 25 years’ experience her grounded presence creates a profound container for healing.

She offers sessions online, on the phone or in-person in English or Spanish. Email Erica, call her at 206-293-4927 or visit her website.