Ed Savay, M.D. (Capitola, CA)

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Double DHFC HFC Master Practitioner Emblems

Ed is an emergency physician and CranioSacral Therapist with over 15 years of clinical experience.

In addition to working in a hospital emergency department, he has a private craniosacral practice, where he has had great success with chronic pain, orthopedic injuries and other unexplained pain and symptoms that traditional medicine has been unable to resolve.

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Ed’s unique modality combines his extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and treatment of a wide variety of conditions, with a gentle and highly intuitive approach to the body – so he can quickly hone in on core issues and most effective treatment. HFC principles have become a way of life for

Ed and he seamlessly integrates them into his craniosacral sessions. He is especially passionate about waking up people’s ability to heal themselves.

He lives in Santa Cruz, CA, and enjoys nature, hiking, and studying mystical spiritual traditions.

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