December 2019 Newsletter

The Sacred Power to Choose

At this time of year here in the northern hemisphere, we are moving into the Winter Solstice…

The call of the sacred whispers to us as we enter the rich darkness of this womb-like time… where we can enjoy the space to consciously choose what we want in our lives.

Especially now, with the holiday season in full swing, this period of time from now until the new year can be fraught with unmet expectations…

Whether you live alone or far away from family and friends… or if you’re inundated and overwhelmed by what you think should happen (but likely won’t)…

Or what if you are ill and don’t want to burden those around you?

Red knitted crochet heart on a fir tree branch with snow

The possibilities abound in both directions for the next few weeks.

Joy and despair… Deep connections and loneliness… Sharing of all kinds and a sense of isolation…

It is all here for us to experience, depending on many things… and some of it has to do with our choices.

Last night as the sun disappeared and the moon rose, there was an owl calling in the forest behind my house. It was a haunting reminder to listen, internally and externally to all of life around each one of us.

A reminder to take the time to choose wisely – the rituals, gatherings, family and spiritual connections that feed your soul.


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Suzanne Scurlock