December 2018 Newsletter

When Your World Is Out of Sync

Ahhh, December. The holiday season is upon us.

All around are sparkling lights and decorations.

I just flew through Heathrow airport on my way to Copenhagen and it was beautiful to behold.

Yet ironically, even as the Western world is lit up like a Christmas tree, we’re coming into the darkest part of the year here in the Northern hemisphere.

A friend of mine who has always lived in a warm, tropical climate recently moved north.

winter holiday decoration on a window

She’s thrilled to experience a real winter for the first time.

Yet she’s also surprised at the sudden inward pull of nature – telling her to rest, slow down, take time, regenerate, even hibernate.

She craves nothing more than to curl up under a down blanket with a good book and a crackling fire.

There’s a reason for that. You see, there’s a natural way our spirit wants to meet these cycles.

It often means diving inward when it gets cold and honoring the darkness. At times like this, internal reflection and prayers of gratitude are in order.

Yet what do you do when your inner world is calling you in one direction — but the daily demands of life are pushing you in another?

That alone can set up an internal sense of pressure or discord.

No matter where you live in the world, this is a dichotomy you’ll face sometime during the year.

The question is, how do we walk that line of honoring what our mind-body-spirit needs, and yet being in integrity with what the rest of the world wants from us?

My recommendation is to start by slowing down and turning off your auto-pilot mode.

Stop doing what you’ve always done without thinking about it.


Because you’re likely to end up feeling exhausted and drained.

Instead, create a morning ritual for yourself that bridges your sleeping world and your waking life.

You might simply take a few minutes each morning to reflect on what lies ahead for your day.

Then drop deeper into your bones — your inner most sanctum — and ask for clarity about what is truly yours to do.

Finally, consciously step into your day.

And be sure to schedule some essential downtime for yourself. Some sit-beside-the-fireplace, enjoy-a-cup-of-tea-with-close-friends time.

And celebrate this season in whatever way most deeply nourishes you.


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Suzanne Scurlock