Deb Schneider-Murphy LMT, LISW (Worthington, OH)

HFC Master Practitioner and DHFC Certified Practitioner Emblems

Deb Schneider-Murphy practices CranioSacral Therapy and Somatic Psychotherapy in Columbus, Ohio. Her interests in integrative work have coalesced over 25 years; she holds licensure in both massage therapy and Social Work.

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Deb has been a Healing From the Core® student since 2000 and has been Certified since 2007. Deb draws from this work in her practice with individual clients. She teaches the curriculum in its pure form as well as integrating it into workshops on Self-Care, Relational Movement, Body-Based Awareness, and ADHD.

Deb is grateful to her many teachers; including her husband, her two sons and trusted colleagues and friends.

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