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A Journey Home to Ourselves

A Journey Home to Ourselves

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Healing From the Core Comprehensive Series by Suzanne Scurlock-Durana

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This classic series is designed to rejuvenate you, help you come back into balance when you are feeling overwhelmed, and nourish you. It explores the foundations of intimate connection, the steps for reconnecting with yourself more deeply so that you can feel your inspiration for life.  The body is an incredible navigational system. This series teaches how to slow down time and deepen your connection with your body, your internal landscape so you can perceive the subtle energy cues that are continually being transmitted to you. Includes 10 sessions, over 7 hours of audio.
7-CD set: 29 tracks, 7 hours 20 minutes.
MP3 download only: Updated, expanded Five Principles discussion, 34 tracks, 7 hours 41 minutes.