August 2019 Newsletter

Becoming Benjamin Button

Did you ever see that movie about the man who ages backwards?

Looking back on the last 10 years, that feels a lot like me.

One of the comments I hear most these days is how much energy I have — and how it seems to be increasing rather than decreasing with every year that goes by.

I hike over 3 miles every day. And I bound up stairs two at a time.

Yet a decade years ago I’d think twice before even climbing a set of stairs.

My knees hurt every day. If I exercised, they’d swell. And if I chose to go to a party and dance? Forget about it. I knew I’d pay for it later.

At that point my mom already had her knees replaced. And my younger sister was well on the way.

At the same time, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis was affecting nearly every system in my body. (Even the issue with my knees was a side effect of that.)

All this was happening despite doing everything my doctors told me to.

My weight crept up 30 pounds more than what is healthy for me. And my stomach was constantly giving me trouble.

And even though I cherished my business, my energy for even that was flagging.

My students and clients starting asking if I had a succession plan in place. And I was only in my mid-50s!

That’s when I realized I needed to slow down, reassess my life, and make some serious changes.

Otherwise I wouldn’t even be around for the next 10 years ahead.

I began by looking at my diet to see how I could reduce the chronic inflammation.

I tuned into the foods that enhanced my functioning — and cut out the ones that drained me.

I started eating mostly organic and non-GMO whenever possible. Lots of protein, healthy fats and fresh vegetables. Very little sugar. And no soy, dairy or gluten.

Slowly things improved because my food was working with me instead of against me.

I lost 30 pounds. And I stuck with the program.

Now when someone waves a basket of warm bread in front of me, I laugh and say, “That bread might smell good, but if I ate it I’d feel like a boa constrictor digesting a pig!”

(Not the most delicate analogy, I know. But it sure gets them off my back.)

By November 2015 I was at a healthy weight. And my knees felt so much better.

That’s when things unexpectedly began SNOWBALLING — in an even more energizing way.

I discovered a device that was recommended by a colleague who’s a physics-trained PhD.

And I began experimenting with it in my own life and with my private clients.

The results? I had even more energy. (And my clients did, too.) Which in turn enhanced my creativity.

I wrote an entire second book. And I began teaching online workshops through The Shift Network.

And all this fresh energy, it wasn’t just in my head. My acupuncturist of many years confirmed it.

Finally, I also had what it took to leave a 32-year marriage that had long before become irreconcilable.

Now I’m dating. And there are way too many lessons to list here. (You’ll have to stay tuned for updates. 🙂 )

In the meantime, here’s to you — and to me — and to becoming even younger and more energized in the decade ahead.

All Best,

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Suzanne Scurlock