August 2017 Newsletter

Musings on the Worldwide Presence Tour

This past year of teaching and traveling all over the world got lovingly named my “World Wide Presence Tour” when we were somewhere in New Zealand in February.

Funny thing about naming something — it really brings it to conscious awareness.

When I am in the comfort of my home environment, eating the same foods, seeing the same scenery, knowing what to expect next (for the most part), there is a part of my brain that goes to sleep in a way.

However, once I left my home base, I began to realize all the lessons about presence that were happening in these new environments – from New Zealand and Australia to Russia and then the Ukraine — and how huge the lessons were for me there.

Here are some highlights:

  • How I can walk in a new and foreign land without unneeded anxiety and fear.
  • Reminders to trust, even in the midst of great unknowns, in the power of my body’s navigational system to guide me well.
  • How quickly my presence speaks to my students while my actual words and concepts are slowly being translated into their language.
  • How anytime I’m going somewhere new, my conscious mind is coloring in a new map and it takes much longer the first time through.
  • The recognition of my growing resilience as I listen more deeply to my inner navigational system.
  • When to stretch to do something new that is “mine to do.” And when to say “no” to what is not “mine to do.” This is huge because my schedule looks quite full to the eye. But when I move forward from that deep place of inspiration of what my soul is meant to do, it all works out. However, when I try to add things that are not mine, I can do them. But I feel the effort required from being out of the flow.

Now I’m coming full circle to wrap up my tour in the U.S.A. at the end of August.

I’ll be teaching Full Body Presence and Skills to Energize Your Life in a beautiful new teaching, healing and retreat center located in the giant redwoods outside Santa Cruz, California.

What a year of huge learning. Deepest gratitude to my support team and to all of you who have welcomed and cared for me along the way.

Together, we’re bringing deep wisdom and presence back to our beautiful planet.

Warm hugs,

Suzanne Scurlock-Durana's Signature