August 2016 Newsletter

Let Your Lion Roar

August is the month of the lion – and it has come roaring in with as much heat and all the other weather elements as it can muster. This is a season that provides lots of energy to draw from, if you know how to do so!

Connections, connections, connections make the world go around this time of year. The warmth and energy of the season catalyzes our inner fire, which supports our relationships with those closest to us as well as our newest friends.

My life has been in full swing this summer with plenty of travel and many classes. Each one has held deep learning, and I have found my heart profoundly touched by the healing work done in these circles.

One of my other joys in teaching is getting to reconnect with the people who staff my workshops. This inner circle of support is something I look forward to everywhere I go. Not to mention engaging with lots of friends both old and new.

I am now back in Reston for the rest of August, teaching Developing and Deepening CranioSacral Presence (DDCSP) this week at the Reston Sheraton, finishing my upcoming book and seeing clients. I must say: I love summertime and the freedom and energy this time of year brings me.

If you live here in the Washington, DC area, come join me for the DDCSP class this week. It is the last one I will be teaching in 2016 and, this year only you can attend this class with no prerequisites.

In any case, take your summer energy and run with it – allow yourself to truly enjoy what brings you pleasure!

And, Enjoy…

Suzanne Scurlock-Durana's Signature