August 2015 Newsletter

Creativity, Choices and An Open Heart


As the fullness of August unfolds I feel a corresponding flowering from deep within my chest. This is the season of the heart. The sun and easy warmth of late summer nourish me deeply. When this occurs my creativity flows with more ease and my choices hold more possibilities and power.

This month I am at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA. After two wonderful workshops at the end of July, I am teaching a month long program while writing my next book on the wisdom areas of the body and how to access them. As the sun shines down, the words are pouring onto the pages, and with the editing help of my friend and colleague Chery Owens seated here beside me, much of it will be done by the time I leave here. I am also finalizing the edits on my website’s free report “How Your Gut Instincts Can Save Your Life”. It should be available in September.

As the cycle of this season reaches its fullest potential, what creative endeavors are calling to you? Are you making the choices that unfold your creativity and help your gifts to manifest in the world? What stands in your way? Life has many possibilities. Are you open to them?

This moment in the creative cycle comes but once a year. Stop, breathe in the summer air and listen to your heart. If summer’s nourishing creativity – its bright flowering colors, brilliant sunshine and deep, reflective landscapes – speak to you, make the time to indulge in your creative self, to feed it. The ideas and inspiration you play with now will spur new growth and ideas and feed into the renewal cycle of the fall and winter months to come.

And, enjoy!

Suzanne Scurlock-Durana's Signature