August 2021 Newsletter

The Gift of Instinctual Knowing

Imagine how easy life would be if you had a faithful friend by your side around the clock telling you which missteps to avoid.

That would be a dream, right?

Yet the wisest counsel you could imagine is giving you it’s best advice every moment …

Torso of a woman in a tank top with her hands placed over her belly button.

It’s your trusty Gut. And it’s ready to do so much for you … if you’re ready to listen.

It can tell you what your body needs — and what it needs to avoid — to become healthy, energized and alive.

It can get you out of overwhelm and into the flow of life where everything unfolds naturally.

It can help you make wise decisions in seconds … before any other part of you can even register what’s going on!

It can empower you to make life-changing relationship decisions with clarity and confidence.

It can help you trust when something is right for you … even when appearances may be saying something different.

It can even tell you when it’s time to leave a dangerous situation … and in the process, perhaps save your life.

I found that out firsthand one hot summer night when I was 17.

I was at a neighborhood pool party when my friend John asked if we could go somewhere and talk.

I thought that was a bit strange. But I figured he needed some sisterly advice.

John was a longtime friend. A sweet teddy bear of a guy.

What I didn’t know is that he was coming down from a long stretch on amphetamines. And he was spinning out of control.

We sat in the front seat of his car in the parking lot, just hanging out. But as we talked, I began to feel a distinct uneasiness in my gut.

Neither of us were saying anything unusual. Yet the uneasiness continued for well over 30 minutes.

Even so, I ignored my gut instinct because my thoughts were telling me I was being unreasonable.

After all, John was like a brother to me. So I dismissed my discomfort and didn’t say anything about it.

Then I turned away from him for a moment to look out the window. And the next thing I knew his hands were around my throat.

He was strangling me. And I passed out.

When I regained consciousness, I was trembling all over.

My head was pressed against the car door. And John was plastered to the other side of the front seat, behind the steering wheel, shocked at what he had done.

He was apologizing profusely. And I was in serious shock.

Every cell in my body screamed at me to get out of the car now.

This time, I listened. My primal survival instinct overruled my sweet 17-year-old politeness.

As the strength in the lower half of my body surged back, I managed to open the door.

Shaking like a leaf, I crawled across the parking lot to the car where my boyfriend was waiting, oblivious to what had just happened to me.

My heart was shattered. And it took years of bodywork and emotional healing to melt my internal scars of fear and betrayal.

Yet one pearl of wisdom always stayed with me …

Had I appreciated my gut intelligence — and honored its message — I would have avoided all that trauma.

I’m not implying that what happened was in any way my fault. I know it’s not.

Yet I also learned something that has served me faithfully ever since then …

My gut had known something was off long before I did.

That’s when I promised myself I would never second-guess my gut again.

I was jolted awake — and brought to my process of self-healing.

Teaching the journey home to the wisdom of the body is now my life’s work.

Not only did it enable me to fully heal. It also guided me in ways that helped me avoid other potential trauma.

Now my wish for you is this …

As you awaken to the wisdom that lies within you, you’ll have your own faithful friend by your side …

Leading you home to ecstasy, expansion and joy.

And enjoy!

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Suzanne Scurlock