April 2021 Newsletter

Step Into the Flow of Life

You know when something feels so hard, it’s like pushing water uphill?

You might take that as a sign that what you’re working on is a bad idea. Or that it’s just “not meant to be.”

The truth is, it’s often not the “what” that makes it so hard. It’s the “when.”

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine 5-Element philosophy, which focuses on the seasonal stages of change and healing, Spring is the Season of Wood.

Just as the Earth is productive and fertile — and ready to burst forth with new life in the Spring …

Person floating down river on an inner tube

This is naturally a time for rebirth and new beginnings.

A time for hope and optimism.

A time for our inner energy to quicken and emerge in new plans and creativity.

Now if you’re not feeling it, I understand.

With everything going on in the world, it may have been many months since you had the energy — or even the desire — to set inspiring goals for yourself …

Or to push through challenges like the tender roots are pushing through the cold Spring earth.

Yet what happens when we resist the flow of energy when it’s pushing within us to emerge?

We can end up frustrated, even angry. Because the energy is trying to push its way out … but it can’t get through us.

That’s why I encourage you to step into the flow with new projects that make your heart sing.

Over the years I learned the value of getting my thoughts and resources organized …

And then waiting for that inner signal, the quickening that tells me it’s time to get into the river of energy and ride along with the currents.

If I got in too soon I ended up thrashing about or swimming upstream.

But at times like this?

The gentle currents of life’s energy are waiting to carry you to the place where your dreams and ideas can flourish.

And no matter what the outer world shows you, there is always a way.

Step in.


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Suzanne Scurlock