May 2018 Newsletter

Empowerment in All Its Glory

I just finished leading my Healing the Pelvic Floor workshop for women in Asheville, North Carolina.

All I can say is WOW!

The OM Sanctuary was gorgeous.

The women who helped me facilitate the workshop were fabulous.

And the material seemed right on target.

Participant after participant shared how much they valued what they were learning.

Then along came life.

You know, all the details that can hijack our best intentions. And our healing process.

First, the meeting space wasn’t what we expected.

The round room we planned for wasn’t built yet. So we found ourselves in a space that was long and narrow.

Did we let that deter us?

Not one bit.

The room was beautiful and light-filled. And we made the best of every inch.

Then there was the weather.

It fluctuated from 31 (with sleet and snow!) to 85 degrees. And pollen was popping out everywhere.

So we struggled to stay comfortable as the air around us shifted by the hour.

Then there was my health.

I woke up on the first morning feeling like a 10-ton truck was parked on my chest.

I rarely get sick these days so I knew I was in trouble.

For the first 3 days I ran on inspiration — and a whole lot of support from my staff.

I also called forth some extreme self-care.

By the fourth day my recovery was in full progress. And I was finally able to share what was happening with the group.

That led to an important discussion about nurturing ourselves as women — and the paradigm shift that requires.

As the workshop closed, I looked around the circle to see transformation everywhere.

In body postures.

In facial expressions.

In the energy of these amazing women as they left to return to their daily lives.

And I realized …

As women, this empowerment work is no longer optional.

The world needs us in our full glory.

That’s the only way we can help ourselves — and each other — to become the most inspired version of who we are.

The time has come.

Are you ready?

Suzanne Scurlock-Durana's Signature