April 2017 Newsletter

How “The Change” Changes Everything

Life is full of transitions – those times when we cross a threshold from one event or time period to another.

One of the biggest that affects so many of us is the “M” word: Menopause.

It changes how we feel inside our skin. How our energy levels rise and fall. And how positive (or negative) we feel about our bodies, our lives and ourselves.

It even affects our relationships because it doesn’t only confuse us. It often confuses our partners and our friends.

That’s why I recommend asking yourself 3 questions in any time of change … and particularly during menopause as your needs are shifting, sometimes radically.

Ask yourself:

1. Do I understand what my body signals are telling me (or does it all sound like Greek to me)?

2. Do I listen to what these signals are saying?

3. Do I follow through with what my body needs in any given moment?

The answers to these 3 questions will make or break your health and well-being during any transition, especially one as dramatic as menopause.

Before you reach menopause, your body usually has more resilience or “bounce-back” capacity. But when your hormones levels shift, they also change the internal balance.

This then requires a new kind of listening and responding that’s deeper than what you needed before.

It calls you to pay closer attention.

It calls you to assume nothing. And to take nothing for granted.

It calls you to be gentler with yourself. To be your own best friend.

All the years you’ve nurtured other people — now it’s time to turn those skills around to nurture and nourish yourself.

Think of it as practicing all your life to step into this role for your own benefit.

Can you make the shift?

Can you honor your needs first knowing it’ll make your connections deeper with those who are most dear to you?

The key to successfully honoring this paradigm shift is to listen internally first — and then follow that awareness out to your external environment.

Personally, my needs for sleep, exercise and good nutrition all shifted when I entered menopause.

My energy changed. Even my immune system needed things it never required before.

It was confusing at first. But when I brought my inner detective and my curiosity to my inner landscape, I began to hear it even more accurately than I ever had before.

And boy, did that deeper listening change my health and sense of well-being!

I officially took off my Super Woman cape and let myself rest and take it easier.

I experimented with what supplements and which foods I needed to feel good and have a fully functioning immune system.

My entire exercise routine changed as it slowly dawned on me: I’m not invincible.

Sound familiar?

If you’re wondering what more you need as you move into and through this transition, join me and a host of other specialists at The Menopause Wellness Summit.

It’s happening online April 24-29, 2017.

You’ll learn from 8 experts who weigh in on how to not only survive menopause, but to thrive through it.

You’ll also get our best strategies for making peace with your body. And you’ll get our answers to your most pressing questions in real time …

Right when you need it.


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