April 2016 Newsletter

Spring Into Action

Here in Virginia we are deep into springtime – the wind has been roaring through and the temperatures have soared and dropped, soared and dropped – rain and sunshine are both plentiful. Monday at dawn was overcast with a steady, light rain. In the mid-morning the sun broke through and everything sparkled and looked brand new and shiny. Spring feels adolescent to me – so full of life, impulsive, changeable on a moment’s notice.

Dr. Dan Siegel writes about the characteristics of the adolescent mind in his ground breaking book, “Brainstorm”, and it seems to me that much of what he says also applies to spring. Most of us would love to have that kind of “get up and go” creative energy throughout the year. It becomes a perfect time to start anything new, to expand your horizons, to break through old limitations and step into something not done before, perhaps something better for you.

Take some time now and consider what you want to jump into this year – new courses, new relationships, new possibilities for all aspects of who you are – there is no time like the present to harness the energy of the season and get off to a roaring start!

We here at Healing From the Core are jumping into action ourselves with many new events: a two day weekend class this very weekend here in Reston (jump in and join us!); our upcoming advanced level workshops; an online summit in May you can attend from home (details coming soon!); an article by Suzanne in the latest issue of Lean Toward Happy magazine; and placing finishing touches on the upcoming Free Report!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Suzanne Scurlock-Durana's Signature