April/May 2020 Newsletter

Birthing New Life

A month or so ago, life as we knew it changed completely…

Many of us have had to shut our doors to clients we care deeply about… myself included.

I’m no longer able to practice CranioSacral therapy in person with my clients.

New Life concept with seedling sprouting from a tree stump

I was scheduled to teach 7 classes that have all been cancelled or postponed due to “stay at home” protocols designed to keep us all safe and well as COVID 19 is hopefully brought under control.

There are many other things physical and monetary that have ground to a halt or disappeared. On the surface, things are looking very challenging and at times bleak.

And yet…I feel calm and clear. The practices that have filled and sustained me for the last three decades are supporting me even more deeply now.

I ground myself – dropping my roots deep into the earth, and filling up my inner energy reservoir on a regular basis. When I do that, I feel a reassuring sense of belonging, here, in my body. And I have instant access to the wisdom I need in each moment to navigate in these externally chaotic times.

I have a loving partner and we make sure that we care for each other throughout each day. We eat healthy – and take time to exercise, play and laugh even as we are deeply engaged in our collaborative work together. I stay connected with my family and to my community.

I am sharing all these details because they all matter to our health and well-being and we must be real with each other in times like these. I am not “lucky”…

I do the work every day that is mine to do at a soul level. It takes commitment and I listen each day for which step to complete next and then to take the next step after that one, and so on.

AND…I am in constant learning mode – when everything else fails, I look at my situation from a different perspective, think outside the box and perhaps learn something new.

One of the unexpected turns that my path has taken is that I am currently completely immersed in teaching my fellow therapists how to reach out to their clients and families from a distance in a powerful, effective way.

For 30+ years I have been practicing long distance healing work wherever it was needed: with a client who was sick and couldn’t come in, with a friend in a panic halfway around the world, with a colleague in need in a distant city.

Over time, I found myself synthesizing information and wisdom I had learned from many different masters… into a system I now call the 5-Pillar Formula for Long Distance Healing – weaving together elements of everything I have been taught, from my earliest esoteric teachers to my CranioSacral dialogue skills.

For the last decade this work has stayed buried in my upper level Healing from the Core trainings. I’ve only taught distance healing along with other energy dynamics and energy signature work… never as a stand-alone class.

However, when the cost of this virus struck really hard about a month ago and those of us in hands-on practices (that were not deemed essential) were being forced to close our doors…

I began to get emails and calls from colleagues asking me to teach them how I have so successfully done distance healing work – and how could they do it too?

I meditated on it, spoke to my inner circle about it and decided this was a call I could not refuse.

So Lori Chinitz and I restructured the material together into an online training, and my staff put together (in record time – we all thought our hair was going to catch fire in certain moments) an outreach to the therapists that we know.

In under 10 days… we found ourselves delivering (thank you Carroll for your incredible filming skills) this course to a sold-out audience. My HFC Presenters and senior students all jumped in and assisted us in every moment. And we are even delivering two bonus days to round out the material this week.

This brings me to an announcement I’m excited to share:

We are offering a second distance healing class that starts May 11 and goes through May 16.

Someone asked me recently if I felt a sense of urgency about all of this and my answer is a resounding YES! Even when all of us eventually get back to working in person with our clients and patients…

Having the ability to do distance healing… is both reassuring and offers us greater flexibility to be able to deliver a healing session from wherever you are located.

One thing you should know is we are limiting this class to 150 registrants to ensure each person who enrolls gets the attention needed in order to excel at distance healing, and feel comfortable supporting their clients in this new way.

Our first class that we just finished up last week was such a pleasure for me to teach. This is clearly my work to do right now – I have heard the call and am answering it with all my resources.


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