April 2019 Newsletter

Navigating the Cycles

I recently returned from teaching Advanced Energy Dynamics on the eastern shore of Virginia.

And the father of one of the women in our circle there was dying.

I can’t help but notice how the cycles of death and rebirth are often at their most poignant during transitional seasons like the one we’re in now.

Blue butterfly emerging from chyrsalis

Whether you’re in the Northern hemisphere as the slumber of winter is awakening into spring — or you’re in the Southern hemisphere moving into the cool of autumn — cycles like this are a vivid reminder that being embodied doesn’t mean you’ll never experience loss.

The gift is in learning how to touch your internal spaces of joy and fulfillment … and then how to move beyond them to gently hold the spaces that aren’t so comfortable.

There’s a mistaken belief out there that true spirituality means moving beyond the body.

In reality, the gift is in learning how to use your body as a tool for transformation.

Instead of hiding from your pain, when you use your body as a sacred container in this way, you can release what’s dying without losing yourself in the process.

And this applies to every kind of loss, whether it’s that of a loved one, a job you once enjoyed, even a relationship that’s no longer working.

When you stop pushing the pain away to come out another day — or clutching at it so rigidly that it finds a home in your energy field — you free it to leave you in the same way it came.

So if you’re feeling a sense of loss in this season of transition, I encourage you not to grasp at the pain. Or try to push it away.

Instead, be gentle with yourself. Sit with the discomfort. Breathe into it.

If you know the Soul Embodiment Process™, do your grounding and filling.

Allow yourself to be curious about what’s happening inside your own inner landscape.

At some point the moment will pass. It might be for good or just for now.

This is how we navigate the cycles of our lives with authentic freedom. And a whole lot more ease.


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Suzanne Scurlock