Angela Stevens, COTA, CST & Retired HFC Instructor (Milton, DE)

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Double DHFC HFC Master Practitioner Emblems

Healing From the Core® Instructor (Retired)

Angela believes in the power of the human spirit to create a world-wide connection of love and compassion. Her goal as an HFC Instructor was to “share the profound and powerful course principles and techniques that support creating this healthy connection.”

Angela maintains a private practice integrating skills from her occupational therapy and sensory integration background, CranioSacral and SomatoEmotional Release therapy, Lymph Drainage and Reiki.

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Her practice includes all ages. Formerly a pediatric occupational therapist, she worked extensively with a wide range of pediatric diagnoses, primarily autism.

Having raised four children of her own, she has developed a deep and compassionate understanding of the tenderness in a child’s heart.

She provides a strong, grounded, steady therapeutic presence that creates a safe environment for her clients to connect with their deepest healing potential.

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Angela truly walks her talk. As a Healing from the Core® Certified Instructor, Angela skillfully guided others through this deeply transformative process. Drawing from her personal healing journey of recovery from PTSD, Angela has refined her experience to provide an expertise that touches everyone. Angela has a way of connecting with her students through real life experiences that both clarify concepts and enhance the student’s own healing process. She brings laughter, movement and her experience as an OTA to create a rich and meaningful environment for the entire group.

Angela is an excellent teacher who...

“Angela is an excellent teacher who shares her heart and soul so openly and generously. In doing so, she creates an environment that is nurturing and safe, where each of us feel comfortable to share our hearts as well. What a gift!”

Angela is very knowledgeable about...

“Angela is very knowledgeable about the curriculum and she inspired me to continue the journey to find the true me.”