Amelia Mitchell, LMT (Annapolis, MD)

Amelia Mitchell

Certified Practitioner

Amelia is a massage therapist in private practice in Annapolis, Maryland. She brings a conscious presence, sensitive, nurturing touch and her loving playful spirit to all her work. Facilitating connection is one of Amelia’s strong skills. Whether it is one on one with a client deepening their personal connection between body, mind and spirit; or in a larger group, supporting interpersonal connections, Amelia can dive deeply into this healing work. A powerfully creative spirit, Amelia is a multimedia designer, artist, photographer, knitter and gardener, who also provides supports Healing From the Core in marketing and design. Amelia lives in Annapolis with her daughter Sarah, an endless source of joy as well as lessons and learnings. Amelia’s studies continue in Lymph Drainage Therapy, CranioSacral therapy, and other hands-on therapies, supporting her desire to offer many paths to healing. Email Amelia or visit Alchemy Healing Arts Center.