About Continuum & the Healing Process

Enjoy these clips from our 2010 workshop.
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As of December 2020, we are working to convert all of our DVD sets into an online format, accessible from anywhere. The 2012 course is available online now!

If you missed these exciting courses, these DVD sets are for you! Each one includes all the lectures, demonstrations and class question/answer sessions from the course series co-taught by Emilie Conrad and Suzanne Scurlock-Durana.  Each year can be purchased as a separate set or together in a group for savings of up to $750! View 16-20 hours of instruction per DVD set. Read more about the Continuum and the Healing Process DVD series. Learn more about Continuum Movement.

Sets produced from 2000-2004 are archival quality. In these sets, the volume may vary and viewers may need to adjust it accordingly. Learn more on our FAQ.

Suzanne and Emilie