The Quantum Brain: Living in Every Cell of Your Body

2007 Continuum DVD cover

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2007 Continuum and the Healing Process DVD set
Emilie Conrad & Suzanne Scurlock-Durana
Filmed in Reston Virginia, October 26-30, 2007

This professionally filmed DVD series offers a unique course that will allow each person to discover the intimate connection between brain function and body intelligence. Through research and clinical evidence, functions previously believed to originate in the brain alone, are being discovered all over the body: immune function, neurological capacity and endorphin production, to name just a few. The brain, as well as the rest of the body is able to change and grow throughout life. This neuroplasticity can be stimulated in a number of ways. Suzanne and Emilie explore many of these avenues in this series, enhancing physical, mental and emotional vitality. The ability to hear, see, think and feel in fresh ways changes the circumstance of our daily lives – gifting us with a renewed wonder that awakens us to more nuanced realms of existence. For those in healthcare, teachings, or caretaking roles, learn how to refresh yourself on a daily basis and how to allow yourself to receive more deeply.
DVD format: 10 DVDs per set for 20 hours of instruction