The Essence of the Heart

2006 Continuum DVD cover

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2006 Continuum and the Healing Process DVD set
Emilie Conrad & Suzanne Scurlock-Durana
Filmed in Reston Virginia, October 27-31, 2006

This professionally filmed DVD series offers a profound look at the essence of the heart and its contribution to living joyfully. In our culture today, the brain is often thought to be the dominant factor controlling our quality of life. While the brain may be responsible for maintaining the neurological connections of daily life, the heart is the master of what is most important. Our sense of connection to life, compassion and love, patience and forgiveness all come from an open, healthy heart. Emilie presents breath and intrinsic movement sequences as they relate to the heart. Suzanne presents the anatomy, inner guided explorations, and hands-on protocols. Come away with a deeper, clearer connection to your own heart, as well as how to hold a healing space for another.
DVD format: 9 DVDs per set for 20 hours of instruction