July 2019 Newsletter

The Creative Fire of Manifestation Last week I flew home from teaching in London and the Netherlands, and I settled in for the Summer here in Virginia. In Chinese medicine, Summer represents the element of Fire. It’s a time of welcoming and riding the energy of Fire — of creation. ... Read More

June 2019 Newsletter

Healing the Past With Presence “Suzanne, I need your help,” my client said. “I got rear-ended several days ago. And I can’t seem to shake it off. “My neck and back are still in pain, even though it wasn’t high impact. I was late rushing to a wedding when it ... Read More

May 2019 Newsletter

Ancient Wisdom in Practice Years ago I noticed an unusual pattern showing up in my treatment room. It started one Spring when a number of my clients were complaining of similar symptoms. But it wasn’t hay fever. Or asthma. Or even the common cold. What was it? You might guess ... Read More

April 2019 Newsletter

Navigating the Cycles I recently returned from teaching Advanced Energy Dynamics on the eastern shore of Virginia. And the father of one of the women in our circle there was dying. I can’t help but notice how the cycles of death and rebirth are often at their most poignant during ... Read More

March 2019 Newsletter

First the Awakening As the sun begins to warm the land around me in my home state of Virginia, I’m reminded of those first delicate shoots that courageously push their buds above ground after winter. It’s one thing to break through the cold winter soil. Yet it’s quite another to ... Read More

February 2019 Newsletter

Finding the Warmth Inside Here in Virginia we’re deep in winter temperatures well below freezing. When the chill winds blow and you find yourself slowing down, you may also bump into internal issues — niggling little rumblings you can ignore at other times of the year when warm weather calls ... Read More

January 2019 Newsletter

Crystallizing Your New Year Intentions I love this special time of year … It’s like a portal that allows us to shed the past — and step into the fresh energy of the PRESENT to empower a more beautiful future. After many years of leading others through this magical process, ... Read More

December 2018 Newsletter

When Your World Is Out of Sync Ahhh, December. The holiday season is upon us. All around are sparkling lights and decorations. I just flew through Heathrow airport on my way to Copenhagen and it was beautiful to behold. Yet ironically, even as the Western world is lit up like ... Read More

November 2018 Newsletter

The Next Embodiment Frontier In my Reclaiming Your Body book, I shed some light on the body’s 6 main wisdom centers. There’s something intuitive and familiar about some of them, like the heart, the gut and the bones. And yet something surprising about the others: the pelvis, the legs and ... Read More

October 2018 Newsletter

Reframing and Reclaiming Life is full of change right now. From the political front to the deeply personal, so much is moving so quickly. How then do we stay present when what we’re going through is anxiety-provoking — and maybe even disorienting? Certainly we all face big life transitions that ... Read More