September 2020 Newsletter

What is Yours to Do Now? Last Friday evening, after surviving years with cancer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg slipped out of her body. She left behind a huge legacy — and a rich tapestry of legal decisions designed to create equality for all people. That tapestry has shaped our daily lives, ... Read More

August 2020 Newsletter

Connecting Through Shared Values As COVID-19 continues keeping many of us home, one thing has become abundantly clear … The need for meaningful human connection is more critical now than it was BC, before Covid. Brene Brown captured the value of that kind of connection beautifully: “I define connection as ... Read More

July 2020 Newsletter

Peeling Away What No Longer Belongs … I’m reminded lately of the ancient curse, “May you live in interesting times.” 2020 sure has been “interesting,” hasn’t it? The trifecta no one wanted has arrived, standing squarely before us: • Stark awareness about the depth and breadth of our cultural and ... Read More

April/May 2020 Newsletter

Birthing New Life A month or so ago, life as we knew it changed completely… Many of us have had to shut our doors to clients we care deeply about… myself included. I’m no longer able to practice CranioSacral therapy in person with my clients. I was scheduled to teach ... Read More
Update on how to use your cold laser to optimize health We are all living in a time of heightened concern due to the spread of COVID-19 throughout the world, and I want to update you – on how to use your laser for optimal functioning in these challenging times. ... Read More

March 2020 Newsletter

Sprouting New Creativity As the morning sun peaks over the eastern horizon and lights up the tips of the trees reflected in the glassy surface of the lake, I realize early spring has arrived here in Reston. The shimmering red of the buds on maple trees are the first to ... Read More

February 2020 Newsletter

Deep Winter In the olden days when it got really cold – like it is now in the DC area – people stayed home and made soups and slept more and rested up so their reserves were being replenished. The pace of life was slower. We used the time to ... Read More

January 2020 Newsletter

Gratitude First As I look out on the rose colored sunrise, with its reflection over the calm, peaceful lake… I think about this new year and new decade that is here before us. And before I dive into anything else… I consider gratitude first, because it always fills my energy ... Read More

December 2019 Newsletter

The Sacred Power to Choose At this time of year here in the northern hemisphere, we are moving into the Winter Solstice… The call of the sacred whispers to us as we enter the rich darkness of this womb-like time… where we can enjoy the space to consciously choose what ... Read More

November 2019 Newsletter

‘Tis the Season for Gratitude, Love and Healthy Boundaries! Last week my 90-year old mom flew into town to attend her best friend’s 90th birthday party. I witnessed such sweet honesty, love and life in these women. They got 48 hours together to celebrate their 48+ years of being soul ... Read More