Peter Levine Does His Magic

Today we got to watch Peter Levine do his “magic” with two different volunteers and it was fascinating to see. Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a rich, intuitive healing system. I enjoyed his work immensely.

After sitting for four straight days, Karen Axelrod, Linda Fuller and I decided to walk all the way home from the Rembrandt (in south Kensington) to the Clarendon in Russell Square – it was a blast. We had a detour into Harrod’s for chocolate and nibbles (of course). Then we walked through Hyde Park and Piccadilly Circus passing the Ritz along the way. We lost Linda around the Ritz as she headed back to her hotel, but we valiantly pressed on. The cool, clear night air made it the perfect weather for walking. By the time we were approaching Russell Square and the British Museum we were starting to get punchy, hungry and tired but it was great. Below see us at an arch just before entering Hyde Park.



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