On the Passing of Dr. John Upledger

Early yesterday morning as I prepared for the wonderful annual collaboration with Emilie Conrad, I received the news that Dr. John had died. It was not unexpected, and yet I felt a deep wave of sadness wash over me for the loss to the planet in his leaving. His footprint, his impact on the healthcare world is so huge that it would take days of blogging to write it all. Everywhere I turn in my life he has had an impact.

He saw a seed of something in me in 1985 that has grown across the years into a life’s work that I love. Those of us who are instructors for The Upledger Institute consider it an honor to teach this incredibly valuable healing work.

He taught me how to think critically in the treatment room, how to dialogue with the body, and utilize all parts of my brain and my inner wisdom as well as that of my clients. I use these skills in and outside of the treatment room – and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

He taught me how to bring an open mind and a non-judgmental attitude to the treatment room. Again – I use it everywhere, whenever I can.

He taught me to hold a high standard of quality in what I do (The Upledger Institute is still the gold standard in the CST world) , but to do so in an inclusive manner – not to do battle with every person who says they do CranioSacral therapy, but to let my work and my teaching speak for itself.

He taught me how to touch non-invasively and how to listen acutely to the person on my table. Two skills I utilize and teach others everyday.

A colleague texted me yesterday and said, “He’s a CranioSacral Angel now, Suzanne!” And I did feel him just over my shoulder as I taught today…

I will be sharing more of his life and his impact in future blogs. He was a major paradigm shifter in the world of complementary healthcare. So stay tuned, and thank you, Dr. John!


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