On Slowing Down – Present Moment Consciousness

I have realized across the years that as my life has sped up, filled up, overflowed with events, challenges, life stuff and dreams, that I have somehow known to make time in my schedule to slow down. I schedule extended meals with friends, relaxing bodywork, walks with no goal in mind, enough time to sleep well, naps when needed, good books, snuggle times, etc.

I also realize that when I do slow down, I naturally slip into present moment consciousness. Time expands when I reside in the present moment. Linear time fades and takes a back seat. The colors are brighter. I feel more connected in a visceral way to what is happening. I can hear more clearly what is being said. It generally feels more real, as opposed to that life-is-flying-by-me-let me-grab-a-bite-so-I-can-keep-going feeling that can happen when we are focused on what is coming next rather than this moment.

Paradoxically, I get more done when I move through my life with more time spent in the present moment, rather than running from past experiences or future worries. It is as though life comes to me rather than me having to run after it.

The workshop coming up this week, Expanding Present Moment Consciousness, is about how to enter present moment consciousness more fully in each moment of our lives. So I was fascinated to find this TED.com talk entitled In Praise of Slowing Down for you all today. He is quite entertaining and he talks about many levels of the price we pay for the speed we move at, and how slowing down in our world enhances our lives. HERE IS THE LINK – enjoy!


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