On Being Supported

I have just spent the day with friends on beautiful Vancouver Island. They fed me home grilled salmon, and we walked, talked and had a wonderful time. They dropped me off at the airport, a bouquet of fragrant roses in hand, to make it to my next destination – visiting with a college roommate that I have not seen in a dozen years. She picked me up at the airport and then took me to dinner at a fabulous Vancouver restaurant with a deck that overlooked the city and the water. We got to talk and catch up for hours. She is kindly  housing me overnight and depositing me at the airport early tomorrow morning for the next stop in my journey. I will be in San Francisco for the next few days – hosted by yet another friend. Perhaps we will go to the IONS conference if we can. Then a final friend will be arriving and driving me to Esalen Institute, where for the next five weeks I will be teaching various courses overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

This is not my normal travel schedule. I like to go to wherever I am going via the simplest, most direct route possible and then settle in there. I tend to take responsibility for myself and my needs along the way. So being fully supported in this way is new for me.

This gypsy routine is really stretching me to expand my perceptual lens. This part of my summer journey has taken some unexpected twists and turns and yet they have all turned out to be delightful so far.

I hope I can continue to expand through this next week and arrive at Esalen with a new perspective on relaxing and letting my world support and guide me, rather than constantly placing myself in the supportive role. It is challenging, but I think I am up for it!


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