No Other – Poem by Daniel Cryns

Esalen is such a creative hot bed as I mentioned in my blog yesterday and here is the poem Daniel recited for us at lunch.

No Other

Brave Beautiful Soul

                           know you are Divine


   The mountains shall move of their own

                 in reverence of your presence


    The deep dark caverns of fears

                   are filled with light

                       brighter than day

         the instant You venture through the gate


You are a beacon that shows the sun a mere candle flame


        Laugh out loud for you know you can’t resist !

               Fill this serious void with your mirth

                The echoes will sound as lullabies

                and embrace your precious heart


                      THERE IS NO OTHER


Soar completely naked in the sunlight of yourself

        Revel in the masterpiece of your life

      displayed on these “scary” cavern walls

            No artisan has ever dreamed

                     of art like this

© Daniel Cryns


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