New Year Queries For Clear Intention Setting

I am about to leave for Sedona AZ to teach Release and Renewal – it is joy for me to facilitate the process even as I engage in it for myself. I find it extremely helpful to slow down, drop into the quietness of my own wisdom and tap into what will fuel my journey for the coming year.

Below are some of the key questions that I ask myself as I go within. I wanted to share them with you this year to perhaps stimulate your own journey to go in a more inspiring, healing, life enhancing direction. Pull out your journals and start writing as these 7 questions help you expand your perceptual lens and your life in 2017!

1) What did you contribute to, accomplish or create this past year that you’re most proud of?

2) What did you put time and energy into that’s most closely aligned with your Soul’s journey?

3) What is no longer serving you? What are the habits, relationships, structures, limiting beliefs or anything else in the way of walking your Soul’s path more fully?

4) Who do you need to forgive and what do you need to let go of in order to be free to shine your Soul’s light even more brightly? (This could include forgiving yourself in certain circumstances and letting go of self-judgment and perfectionism.)

5) How can you respond to your setbacks & losses from this year so as to use them to fuel your vision for 2017?

6) What can you commit to in 2017 that will most support your Soul’s journey – what you came here to do?

7) What is the most powerful intention you can set for 2017 that not only feeds your Soul, but also touches the needs of the world right now?



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