New Year Blessing to Cherish

As January comes to a close, and I head back to Sedona for Advanced Energy Dynamics II, I leave you with a new year blessing sent to me just last week by a colleague, (thank you Sylvia Isaacson.) You experienced some of this man’s work on Monday with the Moon Blessing. Today’s post is another blessing that has much depth and understanding of how life works and how we heal and grow. I feel compelled to pass it on, even though the window of time where new year blessings are appropriate is closing even as I post this!

In the new year I do not wish for you

that God will bless you,

since God already intends

only the deepest blessings for you.

I don’t wish that good things will happen to you,

since I don’t know

what will most beautifully shape your soul—

in what losses you will receive grace,

in what challenges you will gain wisdom,

in what struggles you will become more truly yourself.

Instead I hope for you this blessing:

that your heart be at peace,

that your mind be open

and your will be lovingly present;

that you live each day this year with love, courage and beauty,

with gentleness, trust and gratitude.

that you speak and be the truth,

that you find joy and wonder in your life,

that you be deeply mindful

of God’s indwelling presence,

God’s deep delight in accompanying you

in every breath.

May your work be fruitful,

your hope vibrant,

your voice clear,

and your friends faithful.

Whether you feel it or not,

deep blessing will be yours this year.

May you know it, and rejoice,

and live in harmony with God’s grace.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes

Unfolding Light


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