Nestling In and Breaking Free

I awoke today to rain, rain and more rain. From the early morning, all the way past lunchtime. Sheets of rain. Window fogging rain. Non-stop rain.

And I loved it. I nestled into my yurt, made tea with milk, and finished the article for Massage Magazine on how to work successfully with trauma survivors. I had a few phone sessions, checked in with my office and then someone called and offered to bring me lunch. Luck me!  I could stay in my pajamas a few more hours if I wanted.

I am really loving this rhythm of my days, especially the early mornings. I am up at the crack of dawn talking to people on other time zones. I can laugh out loud and not one person is bothered. I can dance and roll around on the bed and no one makes grumpy sounds at me. I love it.

Then the rain stopped – and I am free. I come down to lodge and the sun is breaking through in all it’s glory. Here it is – enjoy!


The Pacific Late Afternoon


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