My Last Day at Esalen for 2014

6am and I am wide awake
Hot tea and milk cradled in my hands
Listening to the rhythmic sound of the waves
Arriving to greet the rocky coastline below me
Orion and a whole host of other stars
Are still shining brightly in the sky

I have just made my last early morning pilgrimage
to the lodge for fresh milk to accompany my tea
Dressed in my red animal print pajamas, polartec and slippers

I am always curious as to who I will meet at 5:30am
This, my last morning, it was only Ruby the cat
Waiting patiently inside the door looking out
Breaking all the rules about not petting cats who may have rolled in Poison Oak
I give her a morning nuzzle and wake up scratch.

This month I have gotten to sing with friends
Drum with some really great drummers
Sit around the fire at night on the deck and talk
About matters of the heart – what touches us most
The things we do not want to forget as we get drawn
Away from this exquisite place of beauty
Back out into our lives away from here

This month has taught me many things.
I know I ostensibly came here to teach
But I am always learning and my eyes are open
So life arrives here in my heart and belly
Anew in each moment on these cliffs
Overlooking the whales dancing
Alongside the dolphins and seals and otters
In the magnificent ocean that has been
My constant companion for the last month.

My deepest joy is the people who call this place home
Who greet me year after year
Tending to the beauty and functioning
Of this community and this land
The tenders of the garden and farm
Kitchen and lodge
Baths and grounds
Office and programs
Cabins and Laundry
You are the heart of what happens here
And I love you all – my Esalen family

My heart is full of joy and memories
And heavy with the sadness of leaving
This place I call home for extended periods


Sunset from the top deck



2 thoughts on “My Last Day at Esalen for 2014

  1. Dear Suzanne
    My home is at the cost of the Baltic Sea. To feel really home, how you write, is so beautiful.
    At Findhorn community, in Scotland there is a very warm and wellcoming spirit also that I experienced 24 years ago.
    The Mother Earth and the mother of Sea that is hugging our lands where we live, all around our Blue crystal Planet,
    I am gratefull to know You!
    Love Reija

  2. It was 1976 and I was a work scholar living at South Coast. Clyde the gardener assured me that the only skill I needed to care for the luscious flora surrounding the property was “to care”. I did and I do. Thank you Clyde and Esalen for changing my life’s tragectory!
    Gordon Bishop

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