Mother’s Day Revisited

After a  week of sleeping in my own bed with cat and Carlos, and then a weekend with my beloved son home, I am thinking back on Mother’s Day.

Mine was lovely. A quiet, relaxed day, I gathered with close friends and family for brunch. Then a visit to the Botanical Gardens downtown followed by a quiet meal together with Carlos and Aren. I missed my daughter so far away, however, at this stage I am happy to have even one home!

I spoke with my own mother three times across the day and we talked at length about gardens and planting and what a gorgeous spring we both are having. She is a wonderful mother and I am infinitely grateful for all that she has given me, especially that she continues to bless me with her presence. I realize that not everyone has this relationship with their mother.

So what is this day really about? The easy answer is gratitude for the mother energy in the world – the mothers (perhaps yours) who are holding the basket of loving energy for themselves and those around them in a powerful way. Gratitude for the diffuse feminine field of simply being, rather than constant goal-oriented doing that the world demands so frequently. And, of course, gratitude for your own mother if you feel that way.

And what if you don’t? What if your mother was absent, neglectful, or so damaged that her best was really far from good enough? Then, I propose that this day is about reflection on who your mother was/is and what you still need that you did not get, recognizing that it may not be from her.

The world has many mothering people, men and women, who are full of love and compassion for those around them. Let these people mother you and choose carefully so that you can receive what was perhaps impossible as a child. It truly is never too late to experience that kind of love and tenderness. And it is so worth it…enjoy!


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