More On Slowing Down

Slowing down while at Esalen (me being an extrovert) is no small task. Friday afternoon’s wine and cheese for the workshop leaders was filled with a lively and long discussion with Rupert Sheldrake, and his wife Jill Purce, as well his colleague Marc Adrus. Friday evening I got to partake in a Pachamama ceremony during Lissa Rankin’s weekend workshop.

Then yesterday we taught  the opening session of the Visiting Teacher Program for the staff here at Esalen 10am – 1pm  and Carlos arrived at lunch. He is often my slow down reminder, so  as the evening unfolded it was nice to let myself just totally let go of having to do anything.  We sat on our little tiny deck and watched the moon on the ocean. I went to bed early and slept a long time with the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks way down below our window.

My mantra this month is “I have enough time to get it all done and slow down, too!”


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