More on Projections and Assumptions

No sooner did I post my blog yesterday – on what I am now starting to call “Assumptions Gone Wrong” – than I began to receive emails from people reporting all kinds of responses. It seems that many people find themselves in similar circumstances to mine and the blog post helped “stir up their pot.”

When I  teach this piece on assumptions, judgments, projection and shadow it does not matter how I frame it, no one likes to look at what is in their shadow. It is the nature of the human psyche that we like to think that we know who we are and what we are about. So even if you are talking with really good friends, it is really tricky to try to tell someone else about how you can see what they are blind to…it just is not going to be a friendly conversation. It might be civil, but not friendly.

So how do we do our own healing work in this realm? There are many, many doorways and they all take courage and self honesty, as well as insight – the ability to look inward without flinching and turning away, even if what you see is not pretty.

Now it is your turn. I would love to hear how you may have uncovered blind spots within yourself in the past and what worked best for you.


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